"Oct. 18, 1928 - Hagar hardware & Paint Co. - Wholesalers - Burlington, Vermont."

(1704) October 18, 1928 - Hagar Hardware & Paint Co. - Wholesalers - Burlington, Vermont. Condition: Very Good Billhead measures 8 1/2" by 7". There is a small emblem for the company in the upper left corner. Hagar Hardware was founded by Luther M. Hagar, who moved to Burlington, VT. in 1842. He died in 1896, leaving three daughters. The Hagar family owned a home at 174 College Street in Burlington until 1972. The Company was located in the Hagar Hardware Building in 1900 at 164 St. Paul St. in Burlington. This typed bill was for Bull Dog Tape, Motor Cotter Pins, Tubes, Mono Cells, and Bond Flashlight Asst. The company sells Automotive Equipment, Radio Apparatus, and Mill Supplies. It was sent to R. H. Pond in East Berkshire, Vermont. There is a record of an H. A. Pond who is listed as a Grain Dealer and Shipper in East Berkshire, VT, in 1891. Price: $6.50 + Shipping.

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