Footsteps to the Past

Winners of the Footsteps to the Past Award
Presented by Antique Hangups, to outstanding Antique Websites.

Case Antiques

This Beautiful Site Offers a wonderful array of Antique Glass, Pottery, Furniture, Silver, Toys, Jewlery and much more. Learn about Great Road Pottery of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia through some wonderful informative articles.

The Chukchi Sea Trading Company

Step into this lovely site, and step into another land. Experience the People of the Artic Alaska Region through Beautiful Photos, Real Life Stories and Adventures, Wonderful Video Clips, and an outstanding array of Ivory, Baleen, Bone, and Fur products. A special site about a very special area and its people.

Collector Online

Wonderful gathering spot for Dealers and Collectors. Full of information, resources, forums, and chats. Its a great place to shop with a wonderful selection of Booths and a great Search Engine, to help you find what you want.

The Constabulary

Very Interesting Site with a focus on British Police Collectibles, British Police History, British True Crime, and Sherlockiana. Wonderful Photo Gallery, and Bookstore. This site is wonderful for the Mystery Enthusiasts!

Hourglass Antiques

Step back in time to an era that changed and affected the United States as no other has. This site brings the Civil War Experience to life with fantastic photographs, and items from that time period. Talk in real time to the owners of the site....if they are online at the time!

Union Hill Antique Tools

Wonderful site for any vintage or antique tool enthusiast! Learn all about older tools with informative articles, as well as searching for the perfect tool to complete your collection.

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