"October 5, 1909 - National Biscuit Co. - Cambridgeport, Massachusetts."

(1774) October 5, 1909 - National Biscuit Co. - Cambridgeport, Massachusetts. Condition: Good Plus Billhead measures 8 1/2" by 7" and has been folded. There is a Red Symbol at the top of the page that says In-er Seal. The bill was sent to Nelson and Wallace in East Ryegate, Vermont. The National Biscuit Company resulted from the 1898 merger of the midwestern American Biscuit Co. the the Eastern New York Biscuit Co. After the merger it controlled 114 bakeries and had a capital of $55 million. Also after the merger the company launched a new line of soda crackers that were an unusual octagonal shape and packaged them in a special protective container with a patented "In-er-Seal, (see red symbol at top of Billhead). It was decided to call this new cracker the Uneeda Biscuit which is printed on this billhead. By 1906 the company had won 249 cases of copyright infringement on their cracker name. Price: $9.00 + shipping

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